We offer the most comprehensive connected car experience available to consumers.

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The connected car is a key element of both the digital disruption in cars and the IoT revolution which is growing at an explosive rate. Gartner reports that there will be 26 billion connected devices by 2020. The connected car leverages key IoT-enabling technologies such as sensors, analytics, big data, natural language processing, cloud computing, among others.

At Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE), we offer the most comprehensive connected car experience made available via a SaaS subscription model in Tesla today, aiming to be a leading software contender in the connected vehicle space. We are at the forefront of the connected car revolution. Our solution is the leading in-market connected car solution that is fully functional, user customizable, and continually evolving.

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Your Tesla Can Become the Ultimate 'Connected Car'

Techies have dreamed of the day when their cars would be as advanced as their personal computing and smartphone devices. Daily use of technology has shifted beyond being the norm to being a necessity. It’s evolved into a digital lifestyle that has extended into vehicular use.

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