EVEConnect Bridges the Connected Car and Smart Home together with Insteon Tesla Owners first to enjoy new Smart Insteon technology

January 10th, 2018 Ottawa, Canada- Imagine going home from work, and someone has prepared for your arrival by turning on your porch light, opening your garage, adjusting the temperature and even preheated your oven for dinner. Well, with the new technology coming out of Ottawa's Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE), it is not a person who will help you with that. It is your car.

How? Using Geo Location Awareness, the proprietary EVEConnect technology connects through IoT devices provided by Insteon. EVE is built on web technologies (HTML, JS, and CSS) and is portable to other OS platforms as an encapsulated native application. EVEConnect, the IoT component of the EVE solution, is the only in-market software that allows for multiple IoT platforms to be integrated for a single user.

In 2015, EVE opened its doors and today has thousands of Tesla customers. The integration with Insteon's lighting and electrical control system, the possibilities for EVE are endless. Benefits include security, peace of mind and environmental friendliness.

"Our partnership with Insteon, who have been in the smart home business since the beginning, is very exciting," explains Warren Butland, co-founder of EVE. "Our customers will now never have to deal with access downtime. Wherever they are, they can be reassured that their home is as they meant to leave it, even when they're on the road."

"We are excited to partner with EVE to put new functionality in the hands of Tesla owners," said Rob Lilleness, CEO of Insteon. "We live in such revolutionary times with IoT. The power to connect home technology and the car will deliver a new level of security and quality of life for consumers."

The connection between EVE and Insteon will create so many opportunities for automations, that we are only limited by their imagination. Technology lovers and car lovers from across the country and around the world will be watching closely.

About Insteon

Insteon® transforms the "connected home" from a buzzword into reality. We make life simple by connecting you to the things that matter. Control your lights, alarms, thermostats - all your things - from wherever you are in the world. Insteon's patented technology is simple and reliable, powering the most fail-safe connected home on the market. With more than 200 Insteon products available today and thousands of developers, we bring all of the things in your home into elegant command. It's your house, turn it on. For more information about Insteon, please visit¬†www.insteon.com

About EVE

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE), manufacturer of EVEConnect (teslaapps.net) solution, was founded by partners Jason Taylor and Warren Butland. The company boasts over 100 years of combined experience in Technology and Partner Development. EVE's partners include household names such as WINK, NEST, SmartThings, Bosch Home-Connect and Insteon. EVE continues to innovate, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies as the next frontier. To learn more about EVE, please visit (eve.solutions) Follow EVE for Tesla on Facebook, Twitter.

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