EVEConnect works with Nest to Connect Cars and Homes Like Never Before

EVEConnect and Nest to Allow Drivers to Stay Connected to their Homes,
Even on the Go

January 10th, 2018 Ottawa, Canada- Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE) product EVE for Tesla, (teslaapps.net/en/partners/nest) the most advanced Connected Home/Connected Car integration solution, announced today its integration with the leading connected home brand, Nest (nest.com). EVEConnect's revolutionary software integrates connected home devices into one easily accessible environment. Users can access, update and receive real-time information about their home, all from the Tesla driver seat. Ergonomically designed for safe and effective in-car usage, EVEConnect provides seamless connectivity, while reducing driver distraction..

"We are very excited to be working with Nest, a real leader in the smart home arena," explains Warren Butland, co-founder of EVE. "Our integration will provide continuous access for our customers. They can easily check the status of their devices, like their Nest Learning Thermostat, and adjust them, even on the go. Saving energy, and money, has never been so easy."

Nest users access and control their smart home devices through the Nest mobile app. Through the integration of Nest and EVEConnect, users can be assured of constant connectivity, even when their mobile is out of reach. Increased connectivity means increased peace of mind, convenience and efficiency.

Nest's products deliver comfort, security and safety. Nest gives customers the ability to control their home's thermostat, ensuring maximum home climate efficiency and comfort. Cameras, smoke and CO detectors and a security system gives unprecedented security and assurance.

Users will now be able to view and monitor all of their Nest products at a glance from their Tesla dashboard. The Nest Learning Thermostat settings can be easily adjusted and Nest Protect readings are clearly displayed. Alarm battery life and status as well as security camera views, give reassurance, from anywhere.

EVEConnect is fully customizable and provides the flexibility and user experience that Nest customers have come to expect. All Nest compatible devices can be viewed and supported from the Tesla dashboard. Devices can be manually activated or deactivated as needed, and users can experience total convenience by selecting a pre-set or fully customisable Automations.

Just as Nest customers are used to their Nest Learning Thermostat turning itself down while they are away, EVEConnect and Nest can provide even more convenience with EVEConnect "automations." An EVEConnect automation is a pre-programmed automation, a series of functions corresponding with specific events, such as leaving or coming home.

Automations like "Leaving Home" are automatically activated once the user has pulled out of their driveway. Using Geofencing Technology, EVEConnect senses the exit and coordinates with Nest to enact a series of functions. The thermostat sets to "away" mode and the interior and exterior cameras switch on. When the sequence is complete, a notification is displayed on the Tesla dashboard.

The EVEConnect and Nest integration offers flexibility, as well. Automations are fully customizable and users have the option of creating their own automations, tailored to their individual routines and needs. EVEConnect and Nest equals peace of mind, on the go.

About EVE

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE), manufacturer of EVEConnect (teslaapps.net) solution, was founded by partners Jason Taylor and Warren Butland. The company boasts over 100 years of combined experience in Technology and Partner Development. EVE's partners include household names such as WINK, NEST, SmartThings, Bosch Home-Connect and Insteon. EVE continues to innovate, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies as the next frontier. To learn more about EVE, please visit (eve.solutions) Follow EVE for Tesla on Facebook, Twitter.

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