Our Solution

The race to build a fully connected car and ultimately a completely autonomous vehicle is already underway. The connected car is a key element of both the digital disruption in cars and the IoT revolution which is growing at an explosive rate. Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE) aims to be a leading software contender in the connected vehicle space.

Working with robust platform providers, EVE provides OEMs with a fully customizable in-vehicle ecosystem featuring unparalleled design, tethered and untethered in-vehicle apps, a comprehensive feature set, and continuous innovation. All available for immediate implementation.

Ergonomically designed for safe and effective in-vehicle use. Elements are optimally positioned and scaled to reduce distraction. Large fonts allow users to quickly scan information. Large buttons allow users to perform tasks quickly and intuitively.

Personalized, customizable, and localized user experience, with the ability to create multiple dashboard configurations for driver convenience. On larger screens users can display up to 4 apps at a time, alleviating the distraction caused by app seeking and switching.

Responsive interface can be adapted to most screen sizes with features including: app resizing, full screen, and automatic day/night mode. Dashboards can also be skinned to align with OEM interiors and screen elements to extend a consistent brand experience to the user.

The Apps


In-dash email connectivity, calendar integration, notes, calculator, and mileage tracker apps move the mobile office to the vehicle environment, transforming the daily commute.


Be spontaneous with travel apps that help plan your trip, track mileage, and suggest entertainment options. Make or change plans on the go!

Social & Communication

With integrated social and communication apps, stay on top of current events in a simplified interface designed to limit driver distraction. Send and view tweets, stay on top of RSS feeds, and see breathtaking moments on Instagram.

internet of things

The most advanced in-market Iot/Connected Car solution enables automation of connected devices, provides peace of mind, enhances security, and creates convenience in our everyday lives.

We're not the only ones excited about EVE's Solutions...

Customers in 32 countries use EVE for Tesla


With the increasing demand for intelligent vehicles, EVE delivers a comprehensive solution that enables drivers to be connected, productive and safe while on the go. Driver and passengers can access apps and features that include productivity apps, social apps, trip planning, connected home integration and more.


AutoConnect is the most advanced Connected Home / Connected Car integration solution available today. AutoConnect allows you to control connected home devices such as garage doors, locks, lights, and thermostats right from your car. Customizable automation features allow users to automate a variety of connected home functions at different stages of driving.


App level notifications inform users of app-based events including: weather warnings, incoming emails, calendar invites, and connected home device status confirmations. With integrated access to vehicle systems, a comprehensive in-vehicle notification system is possible including vehicle and system level notifications. Brand level notifications can inform drivers of maintenance schedules, promotions, and community events.


Our solution captures driver and app usage details, which are critical in understanding how connected car features are being adopted, integrated, and utilized. Providing insights into driver-app behavior, these fuel new and future product designs, enhancing the driver experience and building brand loyalty.


EVE for Tesla

Tesla Apps is designed from the ground up to create a premier dashboard experience for the Tesla Model S. Drivers can personalize their dashboard with up to four apps displayed at once. 

Tesla Apps connects drivers with their digital life by offering a broad range of apps such as; productivity apps (calendar, email, stock quotes); social apps (Twitter, Photo’s); Travel apps (Weather, Mileage Tracker, Street View); and general apps (calculator, notes, world clock) on a single screen that is designed for optimal viewing and interaction as part of a complete connected car experience.

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